Delicious food
with meaning

Sure there’s queue boeuf (oxtail), barbecue ribs and fried chicken, but the main draw at Chef Creole is spiced up seafood – big time – you can’t miss the mural on the wall of the small fisherman reeling in a huge blue marlin.

Born in the Bahamas to Haitian parents, Ken and brother, the late Jude Pierre, opened their first Chef Creole restaurant on 77 St and NE 2nd Ave. in December 1992. to date he has established multiple locations, including the Miami International Airport that opened in August, 2018 and now offers Chef Creole Franchise with the first franchise opening later 2024.


We blend Creole spices and add flavors of the Caribbean to create a taste that is mouth watering, which leads to great food, good company, good time.


Franchise Now Available