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"Owner Chef Wilkinson, "Ken" Sejour has grabbed his native Creole cuisine by the fishtail and created Haitian seafood for the masses.

Sure there's queue boeuf (oxtail), barbecue ribs and fried chicken, but the main draw at Chef Creole is spiced up seafood - big time - you can't miss the mural on the wall of the small fisherman reeling in a huge blue marlin.

Born in the Bahamas to Haitian parents, Ken and the late Jude Pierre opened their first Chef Creole Restaurant on 77 St NE 2nd Ave. From there they relocated to North Miami.Since then, he has established a third location at 200 NW 54th Street. In addition to the new location, he has introduced his own sauce to be marketed.

Chef Creole's food crosses all cultural's simply delicious!

Chef's catering has expanded to include large weddings, festivals, and parties. He is opening another location in the near future.

The Emeril of Haitian food.
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Chef Creole, "the Emeril of Haitian food."
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